Woodland Centers, Inc. will provide services in a manner consistent with respect and empowerment of families and individuals.  Services will be provided in the least restrictive environment consistent with the needs of the individual.

We provide both:

Services generally will be short-term, solution focused, and will view the client within the total context of his or her environment.  Treatment will emphasize a team approach with behavioral health counseling and therapy, pharmacologic management, community psychiatric supportive treatment and crisis intervention mental health services.  Therapy will generally be short-term or intermittent with appropriate levels of community psychiatric supportive treatment and pharmacologic management interventions.  In selected instances, especially for the severe mentally disabled population, long-term therapy or maintenance is often indicated.   

Emphasis will be placed on designing the mode of treatment to fit the client's presenting problem rather than attempting to force the client's problems into a preconceived, uniform method of treatment.  This implies the need for a continuum of treatment services and modalities and individualized treatment based upon assessed client needs and strengths.  Services will not only include a continuum of traditional mental health services, but will address basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter as well as social, vocational and recreational needs. 

A wide range of mental health professionals with sensitivity to cultural diversity, differing skills, training, and disciplinary background will be recruited so as to maximize the range of services, which can be provided (cultural diversity and who reflect the cultures of persons served.)

In those instances where the presenting problem lies outside the expertise of any staff member, the Center will locate, contact, refer and serve as liaison to another program or individual able to provide the needed service.

Close linkages will be maintained between collateral agencies and Woodland Centers' programs so as to maximize effectiveness.  Services will be available, efficient, effective, accessible, and satisfaction-based.  This implies the need for services to be provided in a culturally sensitive manner.   

Clinics will be located within each county so as to meet the mental health needs of all its residents.





24-hour Hotline

Adult Crisis Stabilization and
Respite Care

Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions

Alternative School Services


Autism Spectrum Disorders
(ASD) Program

Behavioral Health Counseling
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Case Management

Children's Programs

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Crisis Management

Counseling & Therapy

Early Childhood Services
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Group Counseling and Therapy

Mental Health Education

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